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***What's New ***

(updated: May 16, 2012)

Although I didn't set up anywhere this year on "Free Comic Book Day" (Sat. May 5th), I still did some artwork for the occasion. On the day before, "Tha' Facebook" was alive with post after post about the observance of May 4th being unofficially dubbed "Star Wars Day", with pictures bearing the tag line "May the 4th Be With You!!"

So, I'm sitting there Saturday morning having my coffee, and the cartoon below appeared in my frontal lobe (but not until after my second cup :) The 5th of May of course has its own special significance: a battle for Mexican independence was fought on that day, so that years later American college students would have another good reason to party :))



**T.R.&Co. is becoming a Weekly "WebComic"!!**

First, let me say that T.R.&Co. was created (as you may have read in the bio/history section) long before the internet was invented. But, as with other comics, it is making its way to the Net as a weekly Web Comic!! The first installments of T.R. &Co. Book #1 "I Can't Face the Universe Without My Morning Coffee" will start running very soon. All the strips were black&white, but I'm playing with the idea of adding color to them. (In the words of a fellow cartoonist: "In today's market--even some color is better than no color at all.")

So, I'm scanning pages of original art and trying to "stay inside the lines" as I color the strips a few at a time. But, since it's been so long since the collection was put out, many of the original strips have been sold, so some of the strips are having to be copied from the "layout pages" that were used by the publishers to print from. The cartoon strips will run in order, just as they appeared in the original book. Book #1 was a random collection of the first strips I did, and the characters, as well as the comic strip itself, were still in their growing stages. (A comic never really stops growing, does it? :)

***At the same time the comics from the 3 book collection(s) are being run, I will also be starting to put brand new--"never before seen" strips and art pieces on the site as well!! 

So, start coming back for regular visits to read the installments (old and new) of the gang's

"Fannish Cartoon Adventures!!"


**Please Excuse Our Mess!!**

All sections of this web site are being revamped and redesigned. So, if you click on a a link balloon on the left side of the main page, you may find either an incomplete, or totally empty section. Please check back as this means there will be new content/art/etc. coming soon to that area of the web site. :) 


***Other places to find my work***

Over the past 6 years some of my "Sci-fi/fantasy" spot illos have appeared in the "electronic pages" of Planetary Stories, a on-line fanzine done in the style of a 1930's/40's pulp magazine. Long-time fan (silver/golden age fandom) and sci-fi writer/publisher Shelby Vick (Shelvy), has been putting it together--along with writer Jerry Page--for several years now. In that time they have brought together a great group of fan/semi-pro/pro  writers and artists from across the country (world?)

Below is a promo video I made last year for P.S. using Windows Movie Maker--thought it turned out pretty good considering it was the very first time I'd ever used the program after it's sat unused and "unloved" in my computer(s) all these years. :)) Hope you like it. I'm working on a promo for T.R.&Co. now, which should be done in the near future--"...coming to a 'puter screen near you!!"

In addition to spot illos for stories, I also created a "masthead" logo for the P.S. "We Salute" section of the site. This section salutes fans, creators, and others the editors feel should be acknowledged for their long-time accomplishments in Fandom. Check out the latest issue(s) at: www.planetarystories.com


About T.R.&Co.

T.R.&Co. is like a "Peanuts or Bloom County set in the world of sci-fi and comics". It has been around "fandom" for many years, having been originally created in 1981 as a one-shot "filler cartoon" for a convention program book. Since then the strip and its characters have evolved into who and what you see today.

Over the years the strip itself, or its characters have appeared in genre' magazines such as Scary Monsters, THWAK, G-Fan (a Godzilla mag), Jokester, and  multiple editions of the Fandom Directory. Other appearances have included numerous convention program books, club newsletters, and fanzines.

Collections of the strips, or stories have also been published in three book collections of their own (available  for sale on the Books, T-shirts & More page.)

Not just about one specific genre' or interest group in "fandom"- T.R.&Co. has characters and stories that cross the lines between the many diverse groups that make it up. 



My granddaughter Maggie and "Grandpa" drawing for some fans on

Free Comic Book Day 2008.

(I Love that Picture :)


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